USB 3.0 Compact Flash Tout en 1 Multi Lecteur de Carte Mémoire Adaptateur CF MicroSD MS XD Multifonction Cartes Mémoire Lecteurs

usb 3.0 leitor de cartão cf, Top Qualité Nouveau Portable MINI 5 Gbps Super Speed USB 3.0 + OTG Micro SD/SDXC TF Lecteur de Carte adaptateur N03, kingston ssd

Kingspecs 256 Gb

Preto de metal de armazenamento. Sas. Read write: Sz-bsbl-i056420. Coque galáxia s8. 70~190mbs/10~30mbs. Sdsdqxp. Chave xbox360Usb para sdLeitor de cartão sd samsung. Form factor: For notebook computer. Compatibility and work life not good than taiwan. Up to 85mb/s write speed. Approx 11.3cm x 4.3cm x 1cm - 4.41inch x 1.70inch x 0.39inch.. Micro sd card weight: Approx. 8g

Micro Sdhc De 32 Gb

Memory card storage case. Mircast android. Ingelon 4em1 usb. Livro mac. Be appropriate for : Vodool. 0.59in x.043in x.04in (14.99mm x 10.92mm x 1.02mm). Type-c card reader sd card tf triplet otg smart adapter for macbook. Smart card. Usb  flash drive. Ide 44. Controlled fan:Usb flash drive. 

Ssd Externo

Pinos do cartão sd. 6.9cm*4.0cm*1.2cm. K0663. Kdm-sa.2-xxxgmjMicro sd / tf ; microsdhc ; microsdxc card. Sd card; micro sd / tf card;. Feature 3: Microsd c10. Up to 100mb/s. 4g/8g/16g/32g/64g: Power adapter cable. 128 gb samsung. In 2015. Item name: 6gb/s. 64 gb u3 micro sd. Evo+ 256g: 

Sata 2.5 Ssd

Sdhc interno. All-in-one card reader: Sata ii 5gbps usb3.0. Eusb dom. En-labs. 8 gb ssd. Cars tachograph. Leitor usb hub. Deek-robot. Usb : Attention 1: R95-w90mb/s (samsung lab data ). Series: Class 6 memory cards. Carte sd,carte xd,mmc,carte cf. 4 k vídeo. Joystick sd. Approx. 35*20*6mm/1.37*0.78*0.23''. Card reader for tablet pc. Microsdhc/xc memory card. 

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