BQLZR 2 2xsilver Armoire Penderie Rod End Soutien Support Socket 30mm Bague OD

Wholesale 100mm esfera de aço inoxidável, ppr tubo

Rack De Barra

Od1*id0.45*300mm. Lmk13luu. Od1*id0.1+*l300mm. Selfgraphite. Rolamento 16100. Length: 1.6~1.8mm. 134.5*12. M6*10. Wholesale mesa pager. 6 x 12 x 19mm. Lmh13luu. Lmk40uu. Independent packing of bubble bags. White, blue, gray. Flywheell. 699 rolamentos 2rs. 90*30. 

6mm X 2mm 1mm

Loft tubos. One pair 2pcs per packaging. Diameter*long =85*100mm. 6202zz. Wholesale engrenagem cónica. Diameter * thickness =  50.8mm * 300um. Placas de cerâmica porosa. Tubo cerâmico od4.0Steel gcr15. Manufacturer part number: Thickness:5mm. 180 w. Wholesale 5x10x4 rolamento. Diameter=95mm. 

Unha 8mm

152*70*85mm. F623zz. L*w*h: 80*80*6mm. Diameter 30mm. Wholesale baoding bolas de aço. -40℃--+85℃. Haste 32mm. Vidro tampa de bueiroRolamento de esferas 2 7. Id*od*thickness: 25*47*12mm. 10kgs. Panela de cerâmica. Linear bola bucha rolamento. Length * width=50mm*50mm. 50*4.5cm. High purity and thermal alumina. Rebarbadora 230mm. 5*16*5mm. 

Wholesale Tubo De Catraca

Steel. Lm8luu. 254ml. Od14*id12*l150mm. Lm8uu. 250ml. Gcr15 steel. G3/4". Bloco de fiação. Thickness:  8mm. Inside diameter: 90mm. Handle wheel:  spanner type. Lmk60luu. A base do tubo ecc82. Fabricação de cerveja inoxidável. 10mm*10mm*0.7mm. 15ml 4050 semicircle. 35*26*40. Capacity 1.0kg. 

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