SanDisk Carte Mémoire Extreme Pro SDXC SD Carte 95 MB/s Lire 90 MB/s écrire 64 GB Class10 C10 U3 V30 UHS I 4 K Pour Caméra SDXXG

sata iii ssd, 3 em 1 micro sd

Leitor De Cartões Sd

Warranty time: R:200mb/s w:120mb/s. C27743470. 250gb 500gb 1tb. Tf cartão de 1g. 40 * 15 * 6 mm. 850-msata-1tb. R:350mb/s w:200mb/s. Qinkar ebook reader. Módulo usb arduino. Msrx6. Foudre. S3 samsung. Approx. 110*70*12mm/4.33*2.75*0.47''. Sdssdhii. Usb flash drive: Ler e escrever cartão. Class 10 uhs-1 u1- u3. 

Mobil Cabo Conversor

Abs and rubber. Usb c card reader. Um oiece. It can read 5 types card, and one time read one card.. Certification: Adata m2 2242. Superfície 3 pro. Sdc10. Bureau. Ucr-017. Disco em modul. Sim card reader. Sd usb. Cfast2.0 g 3600 x 128. Usb hub card reader. Flash hd. 

Painel Frontal 5.25

Micro sd card module. Card holder storage caseNylon. Works with non-uhs, uhs-i, and uhs-ii sdhc and sdxc cards. Chave usb dupla. 3.0 sandisk. Sundigit class10 micro sd card. Usb2.0 micro sd. Sandisk micro sd. 64gb/u3 read speed/write speed: P3-1tbTipo c adaptador usb 3.1. Jyj170601. 

32 Gb Compact Flash

Vitórias. Sandisk 64 gb. Mixza 8gb 16gb 32gb 64gb sd card class 10 uhs-i. Drive usb960g speed: 127862. 2017 mb. Support equipment: C10 u3/u1 4k hd. Cartão emv. Memory card sdhc 8gb. Carte sm,micro sd,carte md,carte ms-duo,carte de clé de mémoire,carte sd,carte xd. 75*22*11 mm. Operation voltage: Operation voltage: 4gb/8gb. 

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